About us - FK Trådindustri

We bend wire and deliver a solution to meet your needs 

FK Trådindustri is an experienced and efficient wire product supplier with expertise in all types of wire processing. You will find our products in everything from prams and applied art to cages and concrete elements.

Our wire production is high-tech and our equipment is always the latest on the market, while our approach to the tasks is characterized by old virtues such as punctuality, great service and focus on quality.

We are practitioners and will find the most cost-effective solution for you – whether you need to a large volume of pig iron for further production, or we need to deliver a finished product that is painted, packaged and marked according to your wishes.

FK Trådindustri arose in 1981, when a manufacturer of mink cages asked metal worker Hans Larsen if he could deliver some complicated wire parts that no one else could mass-produce. Hans Larsen pondered the task and developed a machine himself, that could process the wire to the exact shape and efficiently mass-produce the parts. This was the foundation of FK Trådindustri.

With this special combination of creativity, competitiveness and quality, the company has since grown large and strong – despite both globalization and the financial crisis.

Today, FK Trådindustri is one of the country’s leading suppliers of wire products, and the inventive spirit still thrives in the best possible way. We have a creative approach to the production and find effective solutions – without compromising on our well-known quality.

We solve the entire wire bending task – either in our own production halls or in our network.

FK trådindustri

Our values are your benefits 

Experience and efficiency

40 years in the production of wire products has of course given us a solid experience that gives you a security when you choose us as a supplier. We are not only experts in what works, but also in what pays off. We have always placed great emphasis on efficiency and competitiveness, and we find the optimal solution for the price.

Creativity and flexibility

At FK Trådindustri, we tailor the solution to your starting point and needs. Almost anything can be done if you think about it properly - and we usually do. We have an experienced team where there is not far from idea to action or from the sales office to the production halls.

Quality and delivery security

FK Trådindustri is a family-owned company that, despite our high-tech machinery, is run according to the good old virtues. We only promise what we can keep, and we cultivate the close dialogue with the customers. All our employees makes a great effort every day to live up to our high quality standards.

How may we help you? 

We have a broad experience with all types of wire bending - if you have a question about a product, please contact us.