Wire and wire products

Wire products and wire bendings

Bending radius:

3-16 mm
Radius 3 and up
5-16 mm
We stock glossy, stainless, acid-proof and galvanized wire, and we are happy to work with other materials on request.

Wire bending is FK Trådindustri’s core competence and heart child, and you will find our wire products in industries as diverse as furniture production and the machine industry.

Our competencies in wire products and wire bending are broad. Multiple high-tech CNC machines are operated by our skilled and experienced operators, who are not satisfied until the quality and precision is high.

Over the years, we have built up experience with almost all types of wire bending and all processes from sketch to finished product. In the developing phase we contribute with knowledge and practice, so that the wire product can be mass-produced efficiently without compromising on the design. If we can see that the wire can be bent in a smarter and cheaper way with small changes, we will let you know. The wire product is delivered in the skill level that fits into your further course – from raw iron on pallets for further processing to a painted and pre-packaged product marked with bar codes. We bend the solution to suit your needs.

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Do you have a product request? 

We have a broad experience with all types of wire bending - if you have a question about a product, please contact us.